friderday 8 [bikes]

It's been 3 months....the next FRiDERDAY will be held July 11th.
This FRiDERDAY marks our one year anniversary since it all started.
This will be the first time that Nabiis is throwing an alleycat.
Because of safety reasons, FRiDERDAY will start in the afternoon.
We will be riding around Neihu District.
Nabiis suggests that all participants ride around Neihu District before the alleycat.
Get a feel of the area and remember some of the street names.
Riders that are familiar with the area will come out on top

This FRiDERDAY, G-Shock will be sponsoring the event for the first time.
World G-SHOCK.com presented Nabiis with an opportunity to custom make their own watch.
We are giving away two of these watches for our top finishers.
Representing Taiwan, Nabiis will write a blog for World.G-SHOCK.com.
Long time supporter of FRiDERDAY, Vans will also be sponsoring this event.
CyclePal, known for their urban cycling style, will also be sponsoring.
Cog Magazine's Yohei Morita, will be flying in from Japan to cover the next FRiDERDAY.

Happy birthday FRiDERDAY!


Time : 7/11 PM2:30
Meet Up : CyclePal at Neihu District
Competition : Alley Cat and Trick Battle
Note to all riders: don't forget to wear your helmet, bring your Health Insurance card, messenger bag & light