bruce bickford [animation]

i know! that's how i felt after i watched it the first time! (watch the video.)

as adjectives go, meticulous doesn't quite do bruce bickford's work justice. bickford, who has lived and worked from his parents' basement his whole life and is sometimes known as mr. b, is something of a daniel johnston-type cult icon (minus the emotional breakdown). bickford is an animator who works in clay and line, and also crafts some amazingly delicate paper sculptures. renowned as an expert in clay-animation, bickford remains slightly infamous for his work with frank zappa in the 70s. at present, bickford is said to be working on multiple projects, including castle 2001, a feature-length film that is to be animated using 3D characters made out of paper. the video above is taken from an award-winning documentary that bright eye pictures made about bickford a few years ago called monster road. reminds me of the good old days of sesame street and 3-2-1 contact!

LINK: npr interview with bickford

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