daniel arnold [writing // friends]

*disclaimer: this is the biggest gaffe i've made on my blog to date. i wrote this post about a week ago and was interrupted while linking and tinkering. i thought i had posted it, but it has been sitting in my box as a draft.*

i'm not going to get long-winded on this for two reasons: 1) daniel arnold is a humble guy, and 2) daniel's adjectives are better than mine and i don't want to do him a disservice. the fact is, daniel arnold is an informed soul - informed about what, i won't say (he's got his own blog for that). but daniel is also a friend. and a writer. point being, daniel's writing speaks for itself, and, accordingly, some big things are happening for him. not terribly far removed from a hunter s. type excursion in big sur, daniel got it down in nouns and adjectives that the dudes at the fader liked so much they featured it on their on-line hub, F2. you should read it.

DOWNLOAD: f2 the new folk podcast // f2 text [pdf]
(photo by sam macon)

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