family ties [hijinks]

i don't know what 'home for the holidays' means where you come from, but in the snowy hamlet of dodgeville, wisconsin, all the young folk get together at corner taps on the wednesday before thanksgiving to swill milwaukee-made ales and swap stories about bar fights. then a few of them try to pick up where they left off with now-married old flames and end up doing some bar fighting for old times' sake. well, this year my youngest brother jeremy (at right, with other brother, eric) went out and did quite a lot of the first bit, as i understand it, and in the wee hours following stumbled home to mom and pop murn's abode. as a result, i got the following email from my dad. enjoy.
rule violation

in the early hours of this morning (around 4 am, november 29) jer broke the no sleeping with the parents rule (after coming home from a night out). i was asleep next to your mother and i felt a butt pushing to get in my side of the bed. i wondered who it could be but kindly moved over to let it in, moving mom as well, expecting a practical joker. he quietly went to sleep next to me. when the alarm went off at 5 (i had to work at lands end at 6), i lifted the covers off he and i, climbed out, covered him back up and never heard a sound out of anyone.


jermurn said...

Alright, I need to clarify. E wasn't there he was in New York. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and I went out with some friends, Jeffrey's was poppin'. I remember walking home at 3am and changing into pajamas. From there I must have blacked out or I was sleep walking (which I am known to do).

JM said...

jeffrey's was poppin'. oy.

nowhere in the article does it mention eric being there or attribute the photo to the occasion.

the situation doesn't need defending, you just stumbled back to the nest...

dad said...

yes, it was friday the 28th of november, i stand corrected, this rule was enacted during the early years of child rearing to afford the parents with sufficient time to rest, although i remember seeing pictures of john sleeping with a parent or two