madden mondays, season 3 [video // friends]

apologies for the million reasons keeping me from posting, but my dad's coming to taiwan, and i'm just real busy. might continue to be slow for a while.

madden mondays was a fixture back in the heyday of the riverhorse, when pabst was more cheap than cool. the above clip is the first in a 5 part docu by renato umali, my old film TA (and later roommate). you can follow the whole 30 some minutes through the links below. it'll take you right back when you see babyfaced menchal smoking and squinting while mauro puts angelo in a headlock hug. and if you don't know those guys, well, have a laugh at a ramshackle cast of too-old brats screaming unholies at one another over playstation wizardry. to be fair, there's some good commentary from the whole sick crew in various states of disrepair. watch out for my shitty nimbus of hair. from mke, with love.

2 // 3 // 4 // 5

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Emily said...

the days (nights) that Brewers hoodie has seen.