alexander lobanov [art]

the self-portraiture of russian outsider artist alexander lobanov is singular in its ornamentation and its weaponry, or, perhaps, its weaponry as ornamentation. lobanov's repetition, attention to quirky detail, and use of color are immediately evocative of the likes of henry darger and adolf wolfli. like darger and wolfli, lobanov spent a considerable portion of his life institutionalized, and, as with the others, his artistic output was prolific. deaf and mute from a very young age, lobanov was reputed for violent outbursts in his youth and it is believed that a form of art therapy may have helped him find a certain level of peace. much of lobanov's work shows the heavy influence of russian propaganda during his lifetime, and he often presents himself as the pundits of the time. little seems known of lobanov, though a short documentary was made about him. anybody seen it?

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