nytimes blogs [BABL]

this is really obvious, but if you're still reading after seeing the title and graphics, then perhaps not. this post exists because i've had a bunch of conversations recently where i've been shocked/judgmental/half-offended guy regarding the blogs at ["you don't (insert verb of knowledge or participation here) (insert cultural niche/cool signifier here)?"]. what i'm saying is, you may be wasting your time reading this blog right now. i do far too much unrewarding trolling and wandering on the internet and when the times blogs flash back into my consciousness i'm always absorbed. for instance, right now you can win free old books, get belated tips on how to survive pitching to one of the greatest hitters ever, and find out how to extend your vacation from a week to months. of course there are also loads of things on politics, health, tech, business, whatever, whatever. [sidebar: is it humorous that the graphic for lens got out of focus when i stretched it to fit?]

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