lumpini monitor [monsters // bangkok]

it was a sunday in bangkok like any other sunday bangkok. and then. when we were walking in the park. a monster came out of one of the ponds (see borrowed photo above, i was without camera). we were, like, totally enthralled. and then. it ate a snake. a red snake. and the snake was biting the monitor's face but he totally didn't even care. it's true.

turns out the old lumpini monitor is harmless to humans and the name in thai used to be a word that is (still) a shocking insult but the current name means "silver and gold". the one we saw was probably 7 feet long, nose to tail. they really look like dinosaurs. i'm failing at this post.

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fred dintenfass said...

holy crap that's f-in terrifying. i would only be okay if the monitor monster ate this guy and i didn't have to see it. ever.