sleeper train to malaysia [photography]

on the subway i realized i'd forgotten my toothbrush. by the time i was gaping at the ochre stained glass panels in cavernous hua lumphang station, i'd forgotten what i'd forgotten.
reading on the train, murakami said, "...metaphors eliminate what separates you and me." can we believe that?
later, a monk shared my compartment. he had a cell phone, smoked, and farted discreetly but not silently; 3 surprises. thais consider it disrespectful to drink in front of monks, which was really ok with me because i needed to get up and walk around anyways.
first thought on being woken by rough and tumble coupling at the border crossing: it is strange when a thing - even a thing as typecast as a sleeper car - turns out to be just exactly as you imagined it would be.
every stop for the last 3 hours was interchangeable: a dozen or so mossy colonial buildings, a pile of impatient scooters waiting at the nearest crossing, a few cacti, red clay.

DOWNLOAD: train to chicago (live) - mike doughty [mp3]

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