chronic city [books]

here we have a case of sold by the cover. after wandering the bookstore, marveling again at the superior inventiveness and style of asian (taiwanese and thai, at least) paperback cover art, i came to the new release tower in the english section. i managed to frugally pass over hardcover editions of nicholson baker's the anthologist and everything ravaged, everything burned by wells tower, but i couldn't resist the cover of faber and faber's first paperback edition of jonathan lethem's latest, chronic city. there aren't any revolutionary elements here: a bit-mapped tiger image with fangs of new york skyscrapers. enter my bibliophilia and the fact that this has been on my list, and the deed was done. i'll try to remember to take my camera to the bookstore in the future and do a post about these enviable asian book covers.

LINK: chronic city made the nytimes 10 best of 2009

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