BABL: Arch Daily

[I've decided I'm going to feature a blog every now and then, which is why this post is entitled BABL (acronym... Blogging About BLogs).]

While sore necks quickly subside for new New Yorkers, those folks do still look up, and it's not always just because they've been in a city rut and nearly forgotten what it's like to go Central Park. Often, it's for reasons like this. For those of us who don't live in New York, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, etc., there's Arch Daily. Arch Daily is a wildly shiny but not-too-big-for-its-britches architecture blog that previews skylines-to-come and dream houses too angular to have actually dreamed about (at least in my dreams, which could be why i'm not an architect). There's little news available about who these guys actually are, but they appear to - most obviously - be architects with some skilled writers in tow. That is to say, read the words, too. I'm no design buff, but I could gawk and puzzle and wonder at this for entirely too long. Maybe shiny is enough for me. Maybe it's enough for you. Take a look, you don't even have to crane your neck.

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