Yes, Infart sounds like something sixth graders snicker about; it actually takes the name from the collective of artists that organizes it. And yes, I'm a couple weeks late on this, but seeing as I can safely say that I don't have (m)any Italian readers, I'm calling it still relevant. On September 6th and 7th, Infart turned Bassano del Grappa - a city of some 40,000 in the Veneto region of Italy - into the self-proclaimed "Street Art Capital of Europe" for the third year running. For this year's Infart, Bassano del Grappa was opened to 80 graffiti, sculpture, video, and music artists. Bassano del Grappa, which dates to the 2nd century BC, chose to open the old section of the city to the competition, which appears to include a number of courtyards, playgrounds, plenty of stuccos and garages as well as numerous alleys. Despite being mostly in Italian (spliced with just enough charmingly poor English for effect), the website is easy to use and a great reference for a whole range of amazing artists. Flickr links after the jump.

LINK: Garage Nardini
LINK: Zellaby

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